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Nikon D700

Well I guess this has to go somewhere, a little about me.

I love taking Photographs. I guess my main interest is in Landscape photography but I'm not limited to them. Portraits and and Wildlife photography is very much a favourite of mine, and would love to undertake more Portraiture photography.

My weapon of choice is my Nikon D700. I find the sharpness and accurate focus of this camera to be sublime and would not recommend anything else.

I've been taking photographs for many years now and always strive to achieve the best quality I am able to. Those whom know me will say I'm a perfectionist through and through whatever I undertake.

Apart from being a photographer I'm also a qualified FE tutor specialising in Photoshop and Website Design.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my Photographs and would love to hear from you. As always you can catch the latest of what I'm up to on my blog.